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Neusoft NetEye Network Security Introduction



Neusoft was established at Northeastern University, China in 1991. Today, Neusoft has about 20,000 employees worldwide, and it has 10 software R&D bases, 8 regional headquarters and a comprehensive marketing & service networks covering 60+ cities across China, as well as subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. It was the first listed software company in China, also the country’s first one in the industry that received both CMM Level 5 and CMMI V1.2 Level 5 certifications.
Focusing on software technology, Neusoft provides industry solutions and product engineering solutions, related software products & platforms, and services. Neusoft helps industry customers establish best practices in business development and management. The industries Neusoft serves include telecom, energy, finance, government, manufacturing, trade logistics, healthcare, education, transportation, mobile Internet, media, environment protection, etc., in many of which, Neusoft has a leading market share.

Neusoft Network Security Division (NSD) was founded 1996. It is one of the most important departments of Neusoft. It has a customer-centric and market-oriented philosophy, and it has always been committed to becoming the world’s leading network security products and service provider. It has a total of over 500 employees, among which 300 are doing research and development work and 200 are doing marketing and sales work.
Neusoft security products covers Neusoft Network Security Gateway (NISG) series for perimeter protection, Virtual Private Network (VPN), intrusion prevention (IPS), security management, traffic management, security audit and security risk assessment. 
Neusoft has maintained rapid growth for over 20 consecutive years. Neusoft NISG products were widely used in finance, energy, communications, and large and medium-sized enterprises. With years of expertise, Neusoft provides customers with mature, advanced network security products and efficient and holistic security solutions and services. Neusoft NISG products are the world's most advanced network security products and services.

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